Studying The Bridge of San Luis Rey

Thornton Wilder’s The Bridge of San Luis Rey

san luis rey cover, thornton wilderis a beautiful, yet complex novel. In 1928, the novel was selected for the Pulitzer Prize in literature. It has been selected as a novel for The Big Read by the National Endowment for the Arts, and is read by entire communities each year. It is widely taught in schools around the world.

In spite of being such a widely-read novel, however, much of the depth of The Bridge of San Luis Rey may elude some readers. In order to help readers to experience the Bridge of San Luis Rey as fully as possible–and to enhance our own understanding of the novel– the 2016 Honors English I class from Gatlinburg-Pittman High School has created this guide. We created our guide with students in mind, thinking about what we would have liked to have had available as we studied the novel. One thing we felt was a priority was giving you plenty of images to help you visualize what might be very unfamiliar scenes.

First, everything here is free! Free Analyses, Free Quizzes, Free Summaries!

Remember, everything here is the hard work by 9th grade honors students. As we created this site, we thought of what we looked for in study guides and what we found most useful. This is for students (and anyone else who visits) by students.

Some Things You Need to Know About Our Bridge of San Luis Rey Study Guide

SLR- harper collins cover

All quotes from the novel have been taken from the 2015 Harper Perennial Olive Edition. Citation information is as follows.

Wilder, Thornton. The Bridge of San Luis Rey. New York: Harper Collins, 2015. Print. Olive Edition.

For full citation information for all of our resources, check out our references page.

When we referenced a website, we included a hypertext link to the site in the text to take you to full articles for more reading about various subjects.

We hope you find our site helpful enough to be useful in your own work, but if you do use us, remember plagiarism is a big no-no. Here’s how to cite us in MLA style.

“Studying The Bridge of San Luis Rey.” The Bridge of San Luis Rey Study Guide. Ed. Tracey G. Rains. Honors English I Class of 2016, 20 May 2016. Web. 20 May 2016.

The above citation is for our site in general. To cite a specific page, change the name of the article title to that of the page you are on. If you use one of the sources we refer to on one of these pages, we recommend that you go to that site and use it directly to give credit where credit most is due.

While we are talking about giving credit, none of this would have been possible without a gift from Donors Choose. It was through their generous gift that we were able to obtain enough copies of the novel for everyone in our class. We can’t recommend them highly enough. If you’re looking for a worthy cause, Donors Choose is definitely one we can recommend first hand! Thank you, Donors Choose and everyone who gave!

Navigating this Study Guide

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Each section contains quizzes and flashcards you can use to check your knowledge and understanding.  All quizzes and flashcards are also collected on the page titled Check Your Understanding.

We hope you find the information on our site useful and helpful in studying this beautiful novel!

Have you read The Bridge of San Luis Rey? What kind of impact did the novel have on you? Did you find any of the information here useful?

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Your Authors for this Study Guide

The following students authored the information on this website. No, they are not literature professors, but they did approach this guide for The Bridge of San Luis Rey seriously, with the goal of helping other students to better understand the novel. They took this opportunity to not only learn more about the novel, but to learn how to present this material very seriously, and we believe you will find some very valuable information here.

They are students teaching students. They also wrote the Quizlet and ProProf materials you can use to help you as you study. These students researched their sections and wrote various drafts; they provided all of the links, found all of the images, and laid out the pages you see.

Hannah Bottoms
Parker Bowling
Alyssa Champagne
Dylan Collins
Rachel Day
Claudia DellaSantina
Wes Fortner
Javan Grinstead
Sean Grover
Mehak Gulrajani
Sophie Henry
Caleb Houston
Lindsey Jennette
Aaron Johns
Aden Klein
Carrie Kuykendall
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Cayla Powers
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Mariam Siahatgar

Several other students also worked on this website, but privacy laws prevent disclosing their names without parental waivers on file.

All material was compiled and edited by classroom teacher, Tracey Rains, who designed and implemented this assignment. You can visit her on her classroom website Logophiles Unleashed or her professional blog, Socrates Underground.